1. Send them little notes

My S.O. knows what it means when I say “note.” These notes don’t have to be long, it’s just a way to remind them of all the things you love about them. My notes are usually pretty long but I love how my S.O. reacts, he always says how much they make him smile, which in return makes me smile.

If you don’t know say how much you love their weirdness, little details, or the daily things you do that remind you of them. The best time to send these notes are when your S.O. is sleeping so they have something adorable to wake up too.

2. Surprise them with a phone call

Who doesn’t love it when they get an unexpected call from their favorite person? If they decline your call no big deal, maybe they were in the bathroom or changing. So just wait awhile and try again. After three times I think it’s enough. When they ask why you called just come up with something cheeky such as “I missed your face.”

You don’t have to have an hour long conversation with them, just a quick hey, I missed you. When you’re in a LDR there are times when you don’t feel quite as sure or confident about the relationship, so it’s always a good idea to remind them how much you mean to them. I think this a cute and sweet way to show them that you’re missing them. You don’t have to put on makeup or look nice, they will be so surprised they could care less about how you look.

3. Send a Sweet Text Message

If your S.O. is anything like mine then you understand the pure annoyance when they read your messages and don’t reply for hours. A simple and clever way for them to reply to you is to either bombard them with messages or just send a simple message saying “Thinking of you.” This gets the message to them pretty clear, and is just plain sweet.

4. Spice up your Conversations

Sometimes when you talk to someone every day your conversations can get dull. Spice things up with a pickup line. Pickup Lines Galore is an amazing website to use if you are stumped, plus they have pickup lines for all types of flirts. If you’re really not into using pickup lines, then simply tell them a joke whether it’s a knock knock joke or a silly pun. Beware these are used best with people who have a good sense of humor!

5. Send surprise photos

If you’re busy or vise versa take literally 5 seconds out of your day and snap a quick photo of yourself at work, cooking, or being lazy. This will help to make your S.O. feel not as far away, plus it’s a lot easier and faster to use Snapchat or send a photo than having to reply to a message. This would also work if you or your S.O. are attending school.

These are just a few ways to make your S.O. smile throughout the day, everyone is unique and everyone has their own idea of romance. What do you do to make your S.O. smile when you’re away?