ldr gift ideas1131. Send a tiny letter or package

Extremely adorable & one of a kind, if you’re looking for a long distance relationship gift that stands apart from the rest definitely look into sending someone you love these cute little packages! They’ll be so surprised and have never seen it coming.
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32. Send them 120 I love yous

What greater way to tell someone you love them than this necklace that’s been Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages in 24k Gold. This is such a meaningful gift and they’ll love you FOREVER for it.
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33. Send a Collage

A hand designed collage in the shape of a heart or moon with your choice of quotes makes an amazingly beautiful framed gift for just about anyone. It can be a long distance dad, mom or friend -not just your partner. Totally makes missing those moments together a little less awful. (photo source)

ldr gift ideas1234. Make a custom gold bracelet

Customize an alphabet message bracelet with your choice of solid gold beads on a solid gold chain. Choose any message, symbols or characters to go on it: your name together, an LDR quote -anything! Custom gifts are our favorite so definitely check this out. (photo source)

35. Gift a personalized rose

You should give your S/O this 24k gold trimmed white rose with the names of you and them imprinted on the petal of the rose along with a special date. The rose is available in several colors and is also available as a silver trimmed rose or a platinum trimmed rose. Beautiful! (photo source)

36. Send charm bracelet

This beautiful monogram heart charm bracelet features an engraved heart charm with the initial of the person you’re gifting it too. This is an amazing gift for a long distance girlfriend or mom or other lady friend in your life. What I love is that this gift is pretty timeless -they won’t be changing their name soon, so they’ll love it! (photo source)

ldr gift ideas1337. Send a gold map necklace

This necklace will serve as a beautiful reminder of how your love has no limit. Some buyers are eve customizing these necklaces for their loved ones by placing gems in each continent where they and the other person lives. There’s no limits to what you can do with this! (photo source)

38. Send a heart usb drive

Okay, this might sound like a weird idea, but give it a chance. This usb drive is already engraved with a heart, which makes it the perfect carrier for all the photos, videos, songs and message you could possibly place inside of it. Wrap it in a fancy box and any guy or girl will LOVE this very heartfelt gift idea. (photo source)

39. Give a reasons why book

Why do you love that special someone in your life? Is it because they love you despite the distance? Is it because they’re so cute you can hardly stand it? Or because they seem to love you no matter what? Create a book that will tell all and let your partner know just how special they are to you. (photo source)