ldr gift ideas3191. Give an I Love You necklace

Jewelry is always a winner! Especially with this beautifully handcrafted pendant. This jewelry piece echos what many consider the anthem of long distance relationships: “I love you to the moon and back.” Definitely something your s/o will love! (photo source)

92. Send a candle surprise

Melt this candle down to get a beautiful jewelry piece hidden inside! The jewelry is wrapped in a protective foil pouch. Once the foil pouch is revealed, extinguish the flame and wait for the wax to cool. Your candle could be worth anywhere from $10.00-$5,000.00! (photo source)

93. Send a LDR love letter

This printable stationery paper is the perfect choice for anyone in a long distance relationship. Designed specifically FOR Long distance couples, it features tons of great features that make this the ultimate long distance relationship stationery package! Send your love something simple and sweet in the form of a letter! (photo source)

ldr gift ideas3294. A Custom Bobblehead

Remember those baseball themed bobblehead dolls that were SO popular way back when? Now it’s possible to get your own bobblehead -of you! Send a miniature bobblehead version of yourself to your s/o! OR get a custom bobblehead of your partner and surprise them even more! (photo source)

95. Send a handcut paper necklace

This necklace is a tiny little handcut paper quote  housed between 2 micro-thin pieces of anti-shatter plexiglass. If you’re sick of all the stamped necklaces out there for ldr couples, this unique necklace might be perfect for you. One of a kind! (photo source)

96. Give an ILY Journal

This journal makes a great gift for that someone special in your life. The prompts are really cute and romantic. It asks questions about the other person, what the like, and lets you answer imaginary scenarios. There are areas to put pictures and on the back cover there is a flap that widens pretty well so you can put notes or more pictures inside! (photo source)

ldr gift ideas3397. Send a LDR love necklace

Show how much you love each other, no matter how far apart, with this personalized necklace. The hearts are placed based one your two locations! Simply let them know which two locations you’d like! buy one for you and one for your loved one.
(photo source)

98. Send a LDR love ring

Hand stamped ring with ‘Love Knows No Distance’ on it, this is PERFECT for couples in a long distance relationship and probably the ultimate in long distance relationship gift ideas. What better gift than the anthem of LDRs, which you can wear everyday on your finger as a remind of your partner’s love!
(photo source)

99. Send a silver fortune cookie

Send your best wishes and good fortune with a message encased in this keepsake silver-plated fortune cookie. it’s a creative gift and a memorable keepsake for graduates, anniversaries, weddings and just because. Unlike an actual, edible fortune cookie, this will last a lifetime!
(photo source)

100. Send a romantic puzzle

This personalized jigsaw puzzle is the perfect romantic gift to celebrate the place where you and your long distance beau first met! Assemble it together or while apart. Maybe buy it on your wedding day to celebrate the conquered distance!
(photo source)

101. Create a photo snow globe

Last but not least on our list of long distance relationship gift ideas is this adorable, corny but sweet photo snow globe. Its a DIY project that’s easy to make. You can customize the base of the snow globe and the photo that goes inside. We think this is a perfect winter gift! (photo source)

Did we miss something? What gifts have you given to your long distance significant other? Please share them with us below!