11. Send them monthly sweets

If your partner is sugar junkie, loves desserts or trying new delicious flavors, they are going to absolutely LOVE this gift idea. It’s a curated monthly box of the best artisan sweets from ever-changing confectioners all over the country. They send anything from chocolate to popcorn to cookies and brownies -all at their door, wrapped with love from you. P.S Get DOUBLE the sweets when you order your first box! (photo source)

12. Send them a custom name necklace

Nothing is more personal than a custom name necklace and it’s definitely a gift that your partner will love, especially if it’s a lady friend. This fashionable accessory item makes for the perfect personalized gift for any girl. She’ll think of you every time she sees or wears it. Available in gold or silver! (photo source)

13. Send them a custom music box

Whats you’re partner’s favorite song? Or whats the song you share together?  Everyone has a song they love, which is why this long distance relationship gift idea is amazing. Have a custom music box created with your S/O’s favorite song! Talk about one of a kind. This would be awesome for anniversary or wedding gifts!! P.S. Get 10% off through to November 30th! Grab it while you can! (photo source)

14. Send them a new book each month

Are you the type of pair that love to cuddle up in your window-side nooks with a cup of tea, skype on your tablet and a good book? This club is right up your alley. Each month it will send that special someone a new hardcover book of your choice from a selection of books that have been curated by real readers. P.S. Cyber Monday deal: Get 2 months for $7.50/month with code 2FORYOU (photo source)

15. Engrave a pocket watch

A perfect gift for guys, you can engrave a pocket watch with up to 3 lines of text, 10 characters each. This is an incredibly romantic and practical gift sure to make any guy’s heart swell with love & and appreciation! (photo source)

16. Send them photo jewelry

A photo is a perfect keepsake for someone that lives far away whether they’re friends, family or lovers. But why send them a boring, bulky photo album from the 90s when you can send them something far more beautiful with flare of stylish design? These photo necklaces and bracelets let you do just that. P.S. Get 10% off ANY size order! Good until Dec 31st! (photo source)

17. Send a LDR Quote necklace

No matter where you are or where you’re loving your partner from, this necklace is there to remind them of you. Engraved with the popular LDR quote “I love you to the moon and back” it’s the perfect heartfelt gift for any occasions. So even when the distance seems really far, send them this beautiful necklace so they can look at it & remember that your love is so great a single place can’t hold it. (photo source)

18. Send a colorful 3D greeting card

If greeting cards are your thing, send them something new! These 3D cards fold flat and fit inside of an envelope but pop open when you take them out. A beautiful way to send your long distance partner something special and unique. You can even have one custom made just for you! (photo source)

19. Send a beautiful love necklace

This Gold plated Necklace puts your feelings out there for the world to see. With both you and your partners name on each side of the heart, this necklace is a well scripted long distance relationship gift for someone you hold near and dear, whether they are near or far… they’ll just love it! Created and crafted in high quality 18k gold plate. Totally stunning! (photo source)

20. Send an LDR lightbox

Lonely nights spent away from the person you love are the worst. Instead of a snuggle in bed, it’s just you all alone. It can be pretty hard. That’s why we love this lightbox. It’s a soft glowing light that reminds your special someone that no matter where you are, you love them to the moon and back. (photo source)