ldr gift ideas2573. Send a bundle of love

This is a gift set that will send your partner a bundle of love! Included in this bundle is a bear holding a heart, a love photo frame, 2 love mugs, a glass rose, a giant hershey’s kiss and a bag to gift it all in. Literally the easiest gift you can give because it’s all right there!
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74. Send a Pill Bottle Pendant

This necklace is a really cool idea. The pendant opens up so you can put a message inside of it for your loved one. You can also slip other things inside like glitter or small trinkets  or even money if you can fold it small enough to fit!
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75. Send your initials on a tree

This print features a beautiful tree carving in the foreground against brilliant sunlight filtering through the trees in the background is sure to melt his or her heart. This truly unique gift comes personalized with the happy you and your partners names.
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ldr gift ideas2676. Send a crystal paperweight

Some of us have office jobs, and office jobs can be really boring. A paperweight might not seem like the most impressive gift idea, but it can definitely bring so sparkled to your partner’s bad day at work. Shaped like a crystal, this paperweight can be customized with the message of your choice. A gift for the business professional in your life!
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77. Send a beautiful glass rose

This is a great romantic long distance relationship gift for your special someone! This rose, crafted from crystal, commemorates your continued love despite the distance and symbolizes the fact that you’re never giving up until you’re back in each other’s arms.
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78. Send them photo magnets

Lots of long distance couples use instagram as a way to stay connected while theyre apart, but also as a way to inspire other couples when they’re actually together! How about putting some of those photos to good use by turning them into a set of adorable, beautiful magnets!
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ldr gift ideas2779. Send a scripted token

Does your special someone love little trinkets and things like that?  If so, maybe they’ll love this really neat idea of sending a really sweet trinket with a message engraved onto it.  The words ‘every single day, in every single way, I love you more and more’, are engraved on to the front surface.
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80. Send a heartbeat necklace

It would be very cool if we could send jewelry based off our actual heartbeats when we heart the name of the person we love. Unfortunately that hasn’t been invented yet. This heartbeat necklace will have to do: just pretend like it’s your own heartbeat. Your partner will love it either way!
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81. Send a custom puzzle

Turn your favorite photos of you and your partner into a high quality Jigsaw Puzzle! They can assemble it alone or you can make it a project to work on when you visit together. After you finish it, frame it!
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ldr gift ideas2882. Send an hourglass necklace

Everyone knows that the biggest obstacle of a long distance relationship is time and waiting for it to pass. One day you’ll be together, but its going to take time. Instead of looking at that as a huge negative, this rotating necklace turns time into a beautiful meaningful keepsake for the person you love.
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83. Give them a custom blanket

A loving photo and a beautiful blanket becomes the most romantic gift that is perfect for any time of year.  Let your true love know how much they truly mean to you when you present this beautiful Photo Throw Blanket to them! Works awesomely as a wedding gift, anniversary gift or just because.
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84. Send an engraved plant

Tell someone you love them with a living, growing plant! When the beans sprout, it says, ‘I Love You’ right on the seeds. A little corny, but something sweet that you can definitely give to someone who has everything!
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ldr gift ideas2985. Send a giant card

Have you ever been given a card this huge? Odds are your S/O probably hasn’t either! So undoubtedly this is an awesome surprise gift that they will be excited to receive. There are tons of different giant cards available here, so don’t think you’re limited to just the image on the left. Imagine greeting your long distance love at the airport with this baby in your hands!
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86. Gift an engraved promise ring

This lovely ring it personalized with the two names of your choice along with the birthstones of your choice. This is a beautiful long distance relationship gift idea because it says I will love you no matter the distance -and here’s a ring to prove it.
(photo source)

87. Send a dual timezone necklace

This beautiful antique style “in the zone” necklace from modcloth is absolutely PERFECT for LDRs. You can set one clock to your time zone and the other to a the time zone of your BFF or s/o. Definitely a handy tool for people who are divided by time zones of 4+, but also make a really practical gift that lets that special someone know you’re thinking of them all the time. (photo source)

ldr gift ideas3088. Send a boyfriend pillow

This gift is incredibly silly, but if you and your s/o are the silly sort -this half of a man pillow is a gift worth giving. After all, it’s not always the gift that counts -it’s also the thought that lies behind it. So when your partner is missing you and wishing you were near: Can’t send yourself? Send this boyfriend pillow instead! (photo source)

89. Send a girlfriend pillow

This pillow is the same concept as the boyfriend pillow -but pink and with some.. noticeably curvier features. Don’t want your boyfriend’s hands on anyone else? We’re definitely not making any promises, but this pillow will definitely keep him thinking of you and bring a smile to his face! (photo source)

90. Send a buff bf pillow

There’s the standard boyfriend and girlfriend pillows out there that you can use to snuggle up with, but this one is so much better. If you’re tired of napping with your skinny armed original boyfriend pillow, or if you need a pillow that more accurately resembles your buff boyfriend you should totally give this muscular version of the boyfriend pillow a try. (photo source)