ldr gift ideas1440. Keep a journal together

If you want a gift that you can both work on together, try this idea which is a shared notebook that with questions you and your partner can answer together everyday. You can fill in half the answers and send the book to your partner, or grab two books and fill them out together, even though you’re apart. Years from now you’ll have an amazing keepsake. (photo source)

41. Send a pillow case

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: a pillow case, seriously? Seriously! These couple pillow cases are the perfect way to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them, day and night, when they’re away. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the designs fit together so you know your other half actually has the other half wherever they are. (photo source)

42. Send love coupons

Create a custom and personalized coupon book for your sweet heart EASILY. This website even lets you customize the characters in the book to look like yourself and your partner and even change facial expressions and body postures for each coupon. Have them redeemed when you’re together! (photo source)

ldr gift ideas1543. Send a jar of notes

Surprise them with a beautiful jar of 31 messages enclosed in linen envelopes to be opened each day or anytime they need
a smile! A really amazing gift for a long distance friend, mom, sister or anybody! (photo source)

44. Send coffee overseas

If you’re a military S/O, or if the person you love lives far away in another country, this service lets you send a package of gourmet coffee to them. It’s great for shipping a gift to AFO/APO addresses without any hassle and is a nice treat to the person who gets it! (photo source)

45. Send a mini slideshow

This is so cool! Send a mini slideshow of your choice of instagram photos along with a little projector that will blow it up in full color on a wall. Small enough to fit in your hands and in your pockets, this idea is made for LDRs. (photo source)

ldr gift ideas1646. Send some soap roses

Even if you can’t send a bouquet of real roses (some places are impossible to order from when you’re far away) you can always try an alternative: a soap bouquet. These will last a long time, are totally practical and one of a kind. (photo source)

47. Send a wooden card

Send a card that is actually made from real wood! Paper is technically wood in another form, but this is ACTUAL real wood. Talk about one of a kind! It will never bend, tear, crumble or break and will last the lifetime of your relationship.
(photo source)

48. Send a cookie card

These cards are actually cookies with your message or photo of choice printed on the front. Next time your boyfriend says he’s missing your face, send him this cookie with a sweet message and a photo of the two of you.
(photo source)

ldr gift ideas1749. A custom plush of yourself

Perfect for loved ones that are far away, this service lets you send plush versions of yourself to anyone anywhere. Or, make a plush version of your S/O to keep near when you’re missing them. Great for kids, too! (photo source)

50. Send a love note bottle

The perfect long distance relationship gift for that someone special, the Love Note Bottle comes complete with everything you need to send a message in the bottle. Write a note on the included paper, stick it back in the bottle and send it on its way!
(photo source)

51. Send a coordinate bracelet

Wear the place and moments that mean the most to you with a custom coordinate bracelet or ring. These can be used to celebrate and remember a wedding day, a first anniversary or just your resolve to love each other forever.
 (photo source)