21. Send some fun stickers

Stickers evoke long repressed childhood joy in those who are young of heart. Imagine finding the stuff of your childhood dreams in your mailbox each month! It can be the perfect most random pick me up for your partner, especially if they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This service delivers a packet of fun stickers to your door creating a pretty wonderful surprise that doubles as a conversation piece!  (photo source)

ldr gift ideas822. Send a glass printed photo

This service lets you turn your photos into beautiful glass decor and get your images off the camera and on your wall! A very cool idea, since you don’t have to frame the photo! Its literally placed right onto the glass. A totally stellar gift idea for someone far away. Wedding gift anyone?
(photo source)

23. Send them a quote mug

In China sending a mug to your favorite ones means your love will last forever, in the US it means that you’re a wicked awesome friend that loves sending other friends mugs. LDR mugs are our favorite mugs because it’s a cool way to cheer someone up every single morning. (photo source)

24. Send a webcam light

When I stumbled onto this spotlight, I was hooked. This thing is literally AH-MAZE-ING! Basically, it’s this beautifully designed little tiny pocket light that lets you have skype chats, or take photos anywhere you go in any kind of lighting. (photo source)

ldr gift ideas925. Send a message in a bottle

A message in a bottle is a timeless way to tell someone that you love them. They can be used for proposals, as a really neat and unexpected surprise or a romantic gift that cane be saved and cherished long after it is given. They’re especially fitting for LDRs, since a message in a bottle is traditionally sent across the sea and travels long distances to reach its recipient. (photo source)

26. Give an Inspirational LDR Shirt

If you want your partner to know that you love them no matter where they are, get them a shirt with an LDR quote that shows how much they mean to you! This is the perfect gift because it’s useful and inspiring at the same time. (photo source)

27. Send a giant gummy heart!

Send your loved one something they’d never expect! Now you can literally send someone your heart! (and they can eat it!) Know someone who just loves to munch on gummy anything? This gift will surely win you their heart. (photo source)

ldr gift ideas1028. Give them the key to your heart

This adorable key-chain set is a great gift, not only because of the sentiment behind it but also because it’s almost like two gifts in one! One for you and one for them. Each of you can hold half of this set and feel like you are closer together and connected by each of you having it. (photo source)

29. Send a greeting card balloon

This is a really neat concept: A greeting card and a balloon at the same time. Each card can be personalized with your own message, just like any normal greeting card.Inside a high-quality foil balloon is packed, giving an extra surprise to the receiver! (photo source)

30. Create a personalized book

Ever wanted to be the star of your own book? In these personalized books, you and your bae can play the starring roles as hero or heroine of the story. If your bf/gf is a big reader, they’ll probably LOVE this! (photo source)